Project Tupac

is a vision of mine inspired by recent personal events that transformed my life.

At this moment in my artistic journey, I am creating a series of paintings inspired and interpreted from the powerful music of the late legendary Tupac Amaru Shakur.
Project Tupac will continue to evolve, grow, and strengthen each day.
With your help, input, and dialogue we can share
Tupac’s essence throughout the world.

Blending Tupac’s music and passion with my experiences
as a woman, artist, and life participant,
I labor to bring forward Tupac’s message through oil on canvas original paintings. Listening to each song as you enjoy the visual representations,
create an intense personal experience like no other, and
feel the music and passion
as Tupac reaches out with his strong voice.
Each painting is unique, dynamic, and a personal work in progress.

I aspire to create 100 individual works of art,
releasing them ten at a time over the next several years.
I am actively engaging in various communities that exist to
help move forward Tupac’s commitment to his community.

Thank you and enjoy your journey